Jan 28, 2008

Mondo Collecto

Documentaries are perfect for documenting things. With this in mind, i will begin to explain the abomination that is this film. Most films, as horrible as they are, have some good things about them. This one has about 2, and this is not enough to notice until the after thought. This documentary slaps the title of "MONDO" on it blasphemously as there is nothing "MONDO" about this film at all.

It is narrated by the director with a fez named ROCK N ROLL RAY. I can notice your brows furrowing as we speak. This man takes us through the incredible world of collecting and how boring and hypocritical it can be. Most of the collecting segments are populated by Hippie Jews and over-patriotic douche bags. We see about 5 collections and over 3 collections of nothing. The most interesting were the gun segment and the vintage action figure one.

These segments are separated with GO-GO dancing ladies with wigs, ranging from attractive to bag lady. Composed with a shitty score for the scenes, it's easy to get distracted or acquire a headache from this abysmal film. Many of the scenes are viewed as "joke" material. An annoying camera man pissing off the lead singer of IMPALED or IMPALER. I cant remember. The only thing i think this film is worth is the incredible segment with Ted V. Mikels. He is truly a viking lost in time.

One thing that i do laugh about when i think back to watching this, was the night where this film made me sick. The scene with the man who has a couple of 8mm films to be exact. I instantly started vomiting and was ill the next day, only to be mysteriously cured with the memory of this film vanishing. I understand this film is supposed to be strange, but it fails. Without the Phantom of Paradise and a man's strange fascination with Pez, this title is best to avoid.


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