Jan 14, 2008

Mein Papa

Jörg Buttgereit’s Mein Papa (1982) might be his most disturbing film. The short film (around 7 minutes) was shot over a period of 20 years. Buttgereit secretly directs his father who has become quite obese over the years (the film also shows a picture of Papa young and slim at his wedding). He also becomes quite intolerant of noise. 20 years later Papa is found dead in front of his TV with some of his favorite snacks. We also find out about Papa’s declining health over the years due to tumors on his brain.

Mein Papa
features a poppy yet haunting score that suite the films unemotional tone. Buttgereit did not have a good relationship with his father and the short was made in spite of him. He wanted a room of people laughing at his father without him knowing. With Mein Papa, Buttgereit has immortalized his contempt for his father. It’s quite interesting taking that into context when watching the short.

Soon after watching Mein Papa for the first time a couple years ago I soon forgot about it. I just wrote it off as an early cheap super 8 short from a budding Buttgereit. Revisiting Mein Papa a couple times in the same day I realized its power and uniqueness. The film also reveals more about Buttgereit than any of his masterpieces feature length films could.

It is about time that Jörg Buttgereit got back to directing. I am finding that my obsession over his short films is fairly desperate. Starz should have given Buttgereit the opportunity to direct an episode of Master of Horror. In my opinion, he’s a far better director than John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper, and the other “legendary” horror directors. The majority of the Master of Horror directors are hacks.

-Ty E

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peregrine fforbes-hamilton said...

I dont want to see films about middle-aged fat geezers slowly snuffing it over a 20 year period, i want to see films about gorgeous, sexy little 8 year-old girls being buggered.