Jan 7, 2008

Love To Kill

There are numerous entries in the CAT III library. Each having their own story, if not resembling most, but they offer extreme sex and violence. This one however, is different. It takes the subject matter which of course lends it the label CAT III but extends beyond that into a masterful thriller with a dash of humor along with this ingenious recipe of sick fun. The director's name is Billy Chung who some of us know from the film "THE NEW DR.LAMB"

Anthony Wong, who we all know from The Untold Story and Ebola Syndrome, plays, well, Sam Wong. For some reason, he carries the same last name. He has a smart son named Keung and a gorgeous wife named Jade. They live a textbook life. The father pays the bills, works at a big firm. Their son goes to a proper school and the wife in unemployed given the natural (or so it seems) duty of maintaining the house which is presented in many forms of dialogue which will leave the seasoned feminist boiling.

This is where the conflict picks up heavily. It seems that Mr. Wong is in fact an insane, sadistic alcoholic who loves to sodomize his wife with a bottle of beer. After escaping from this horrible ordeal, she stumbles out into the street getting beaten on. That is, until loose cannon Fire-Ball Hung of the local police department kicks the shit out of him and charges him with abuse. Danny Lee as Hung was an amazing choice. His role could have made the film or numbed it down. Thankfully, he is here in all his hilarious glory.

As we watch her let her husband go testifying they were experimenting, Hung gets down right pissed off. He already put Mr. Wong in the hospital and wont mind doing it again. I have no idea about the system of law in past or present Hong Kong but if it is anything like how this film describes, i can imagine it to be a sewer. There is no "self-defense". If you kill someone, the dead person can "sue" you. I don't get it. Hopefully the subs were mistranslated. After this ordeal, the cop takes her and Keung in his huge house. Well, it is actually his insane girlfriend who is a model and is arriving back home soon.

After Jade gets a make over, Hung begins to lust over this degraded diva and lose all interest in Jenny. He even goes as far as to try to give her away but the film picks up when Mr. Wong finds her whereabouts and kidnaps her mother. This film started with a watchable beginning that turned from standard into very entertaining and captivating. Near the end, it morphs into a whole other kind of gritty film that reminds me of when suspense movies actually used to be good. Granted, the CAT III label means it shouldn't be taken easily and you must make sure you are at least desensitized in the slightest for this film.

While it doesn't feature an insane amount of blood and gore, it does show a misogynistic lifestyle that frequently promotes the beating of your wife, attempting to smother your mother, and stabbing someone in the ass with a fork. Anthony Wong, of course, is a genius when it comes to playing the villain. Mr. Wong's character is not just some cruel man who has no reason for his actions, but thanks to the flashbacks given, we can see the hell he endured and a clue to the horrible chain reaction that can explode in any family.

Love To Kill is a often rough, gritty, and lightly humorous film that shows that in the end, the only person you can count on in yourself. Amazing performances outlined with compelling characters, the film surely is worth it after the end. If you can find a copy, i recommend it. Love To Kill is the ultimate Lifetime movie.


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