Jan 11, 2008

Live Free or Die Hard

In today’s society, it seems to be a social competition to sport the most patriotism on your vehicle. Whether it is POW MIA stickers representing the veterans we have long forgotten and so has our government or SUPPORT OUR TROOPS magnets that do nothing but fill the pockets of false charities. John McClane is the ultimate American. It seems that they kept this in mind when they directed the new Die Hard film. In ways, Live Free or Die Hard is the ultimate American propaganda film. This includes music by Creedence Clearwater Revival including "Red, White, & Blue" and long drawn out shots of panicked citizens and the American flag.

All Die Hard films except for the third, cause it wanted to build on racial aggression, start out on Christmas day. Why else? The day where you can sit trouble free in the comfort of your family and watch pure joy wash over their button faces. John is an average man who has marriage problems and suffers with them. He visits his family on Christmas like any divorced/separated couple should. To further the effect of the nature, they set the timeline back to the 4th of July. Independence Day to be exact.

The very country we live in fought for its freedom this very day, and the average American man will have to fight for it again. Blasting his way through French people, acrobats, homosexuals, and Asian hooker bitches. What an eventful evening. Live Free or Die Hard’s terrorist content is not new. In fact, since 9/11, most films push to have a post-9/11 theme, which includes one of the following. Airplanes, Terrorists, Foreign Powers growing, or Bombings. This film is the daddy of all.

It doesn’t show a horrible attack on buildings. It’s a direct attack on the system. Or as John would put it. A country. A country with living people. Within the film Independence Day, there is a scene that shows the White house being obliterated by an alien beam. Needless to say, this scene terrified American audiences. The same thing can be said about the destruction of Congress in LFODH.

What is the best way to build a rivalry? A fight including two of the same faction or group. In one scene, Gabriel uses go codes to send an American jet after McClane while commandeering a big rig truck. Many explosions later, we tire of hearing McClane scream at this recently proclaimed enemy. After the citizen overpowers the jet, what does he do? He rides on top of it leaving the bastard to eject out.

Timothy Olyphant is the antagonist in this film by the name Thomas Gabriel. It seems hilarious to me that they have filled the role of Gabriel with a homosexual. Earlier claims represent that he was “crucified”. Not only is this said once, in the generic context, it is said again with the same tone. Only he makes it bolder to say crucified. Seeing as Hollywood is composed of homophobes and greedy bastards who will stop at nothing to make an extra buck, even if it means selling the rights to another remake of a classic.

What is scarier then American being taken over and dropped on its knees? Being taken over by the most controversial thing to hit the US since marijuana illegalization. Homosexuality. The film’s release sparked an outroar amongst fans with the rating of PG-13. That’s right. No “Yippee Ki Yay Motherfucker”, and no random “Fuck’s”. While this was disappointing, they did announce an UNRATED release with digitally added in scenes with the signature swearing and CGI blood.

This calmed down fans a miniature bit but still left a lot to ponder. This of course, is an annoying marketing technique to get you to shelve your original copy or spend 5 more dollars on a different edition. Clearly a Zionist scheme, this is seen with every new film release in major retailers. The title was originally worked out to be DIE HARD: RESET, but obviously the director Len Wiseman loves his Freedom Fries and decided to spice up the title with American themes.

It is clear he wanted the film to be reflective of the past so he filled it with various themes and scenes that connect with the younger John McClane. I.E. In the first Die Hard, we meet 2 FBI agents. One being a naive, ignorant Negro named Agent Johnson and the pompous ass hole who flashes back to Saigon named Agent Johnson. No Relation. In this film, he meets up with another FBI Agent named Johnson and looks real funny when he hears that. I indeed did laugh when I caught that. It almost is too stupid.Another reflective scene is his “insane rambling scene”. Every Die Hard film has one. Just when you think Detective McClane has enough, he goes insane which leads to a self loathing monologue and ends with him doing an incredible stunt, “Killing a helicopter with a car”.

Attention to the media has become increasingly more powerful and harmful over the years. People are beginning to realize that it controlled by the big wigs and it is there to be the most effective form of advertising. In one scene, Everyone’s favorite comedian, Justin Long, is incessantly rambling about how fucked the news is, when he gets silenced quickly by a truck. I view this as a metaphor for everyone who has dared to oppose it.

Live Free or Die Hard made me proud to be an American but at the same time, express my disgust to these bold tactics. All in all, it is an incredibly enjoyful movie with epic undertones spread throughout it. I said it before and I will say it again. The ultimate propaganda film. Leave it to the German to play the perfect American.



Anonymous said...

I preferred Congress being annihilated by the Martians in Mars Attacks!

jervaise brooke hamster said...

I put the scene of the car smashing into the helicopter on a continuous A-B repeat on my DVD player and it was just as breathtaking and incredible the 100th time i saw it as it was the 1st time, that moment represents hollywood at its brilliant best: unpretentious, magnificent and superbly entertaining.