Jan 26, 2008

Hideshi Hino's Theater of Horror: Boy From Hell

Hideshi Hino is mostly known for his excellent work on the only good Guinea Pig films, namely Flowers of Flesh & Blood and Mermaid in a Manhole. He is a manga artist by trade, drawing ghoulish and violent horror stories. For this, he gets respect, so i can only remember being happy for these Twilight Zone-esque episodes. This one in particular is titled Boy From Hell. I can see you already know the plot.

Daio is a wonderful son to a gorgeous mother. She is a surgeon with a reputation that fits in her 4-or so story house. We see him being rascally and sticking his head out of the back seat window of the car that is being driven by the misses butler/assistant. After some really horrible scenes involving the shittiest green screen ever depicted in a budgeted film, he turns and the boy gets decapitated by a truck. Seriously folks, the effects can't get anymore worse than this film.

After seeing her decapitated son walking through the streets looking for his head. She then screams very loud and they all cry and bumble around like the Three Stooges. She doesn't tell anyone apparently and buries him in a wasteland. There we meet a crazy Jap lady with a horrendous wig. She tells the destroyed mother to slit a child's throat with a plastic fang she hands her and let the blood spill on the grave. Doing so will result in the resurrection of her beloved son.

She kidnaps a dying cancer patient at the age of 12 and hangs him upside. This will sound malevolent of me, but watching this kid cry and the moment leading up to his arterial severing demise was quite hilarious in an often demented way. That happens, and her son comes back to life....only not as cute. For the most part, his illustrious artistry is used well but with a receding budget which doesn't allow him to paint the blood red canvas he wishes.

This monster-boy has a taste for blood and rampages around a drawn city at night and devours people in cases of stupidity. These people deserved to die for lacking any sense. On the case is the only good thing about this film; A crazy detective. Seeing these films make me wish our local law enforcement were this colorful. Most of this film is dumbed down by hideous effects and drawn scenery. While I am a fan of Hino's work, the cartoon-esque doesn't fit like it does in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?". Not to mention the obvious midget playing Demon Daio. Too hilarious for words. This film is only worth a hearty chuckle.


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