Jan 30, 2008

Eat the Schoolgirl

This title is severely misleading. There are no scenes of cannibalism or any real schoolgirls for that matter. This film has taboo's on the mind and does not stop until you are convinced it can't get any worse. This is just another notch in the book of extreme Asian cinema. It's a shame that other countries don't have an extensive list of violent and depraved films like Japan does.

The plot is very jumpy and is mostly incoherent. The film opens up with a woman having phone sex with a young blond haired guy. It is only obvious what he is doing. This scene is way too drawn out and lasts an embarrassingly long 3-4 minutes. If you live with anyone who knows not of your estranged cinema taste, your best bet would be to turn the volume down, as we know Jap orgasms are painfully loud and overacted.

After this, there are several scenes depicting a man dressing as a schoolgirl slaughtering people and immediately ejaculating on their face. Mid-coitus has never been so disgustingly fun. Along the way, we have beautifully drawn crayon murals, angelic figures being promiscuous, forced enema's, and a throat fucking-vomit inducing rape scene turned consensual. Apart from being extremely sadistic, the film has some beautiful imagery and clashing color schemes that blend together to strangely make this film work.

The film is at a barely recognizable running time of 60 minutes. Too long to be a short, Naoyuki Tomomatsu knows how to beat the system. I will have to hand it to Eat the Schoolgirl for not sticking to one genre. We have a thriller with touches of surrealism laced with a gangster side story and many hints of love around every bloody corner. It's mainly about rubbing one out in the faces of death which should be at the top of everyones priority list.

While being confusing and an overall mess, Eat the Schoolgirl is a decent art house/exploitation film from the director of that horrible film we cant help but love "STACY". There is enough rape and gore to satisfy the biggest pervert and enough symbolism to keep the run-of-the-mill cult cinema watcher endowed with a headache. It comes recommended.


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Anonymous said...

would`nt it have been much more straight-forward and easy to understand if this film had been titled "BUGGER THE SCHOOLGIRL", then it would have fallen in line with what all men are thinking with regards to all schoolgirls.