Jan 13, 2008


As you can see from the tribute to Vincent Cassel, i will pick up any film with even the slightest cameo from him. After having a friend recommend me this film during his stay in France, i knew i had to pick it up. The film opens up with an incredibly bad vibe as we are shown this goofy looking CGI of a dog standing erect like a human licking the screen with blue jeans on. It then quickly flashes to the inside of a church. Today, we will witness the baptizing of a baby named Yann. Only it is interrupted by a troublesome Doberman outside the church doors.

After all is said and done, Uncle Joe has a present. A 357 Magnum, customized by an American smith. This gun is not only bad ass but just at the sight of it, the Doberman goes wild fearing for the babies life. After the quarrel, the gun flies in the air and lands in the cradle. Dobermann is born. 20 years or so later we meet up with Vincent Cassel, being badass in the middle of a street, shooting at an armored truck and eventually blows it up. We then meet Nat the Gypsy (Monica Belucci playing his deaf lover) who trots around France terrorizing many men and displaying her wide use of sign language.

The dynamic duo and a huge gang of eccentric rats with various skills lead a huge bank robbery plan that extends to an entire city. It's easy to see that Dobermann is the top of his game and no one stands in his way. That is until Cristini comes in the way. He is a mean old motherfucker with a huge scar on the back of his head and a receding hairline. He wants nothing but to kill everyone in Yann's gang. Giving a baby a hand grenade doesn't phase him in the least. A comparison to him would be Sheriff Wydell in "THE DEVIL'S REJECTS" except hopped up on coke and looking for a creative outlook for all his pent up rage.

The film while disguising itself as a brainless action film, counters with sincere emotion, and rapid fire mood switches. Scenes that you dont expect to happen, happen. This film can never be called predictable. While it seems cartoonish and humorous, it gets intensely dark and violent. The performances are great and it is laced with enough activity to stimulate your brain for an hour and thirty eight minutes. It actually seems like a re-telling of Killing Zoe except with a French theme and maniacal twist.

The film itself is a high-octane action flick that has a sincere comic book atmosphere and feel. While it is skimping in the plot, we do have very creative characters and outcomes. We have a nihilistic priest, a horny sniper, a gum-smacking loose cannon, and a big guy with an axe that loves his puppy properly named Godzilla. All of this forms the mayhem that is Dobermann.


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