Jan 21, 2008

Cloverfield (Analysis)


Cloverfield is a very different sort of movie. Monsters grace the screen all the time and never leave such an impact, let alone one that can be viewed so extensively. This film is known for its viral marketing campaign and it feverish fan base spreading rumors about shit they heard from their cousin who works with Paramount. Spreading from the amount of letters in the title, Slusho, Cthulu, Dodo, or simply Voltron, there is no limit to how silly these seem. The one I immediately dismissed due to the nature of these claims turns out to fit like a mocking piece of a puzzle.

Slusho, the faux-slurpee company based in Japan, was on Abram’s hit show ALIAS. Being seen on Jason’s shirt in the teaser, everyone went frantic. Claiming it was a lion or slurpee crazy beast going rampant in NY. I honestly couldn’t figure out which was more exaggerated, the fact of a monster attacking NY or the rabid fan base. Many things struck me about the film. It opens with a DHARMA symbol. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a symbol used with Abrams other hit show LOST.

This show has to do with unexplainable things happening to the crew of a downed ship. Could this be a link to the disturbance in NY with the creature? Another thing I noticed was the idea that there could be two monsters in NY. When Hud is filming the TV, we see the monster at the same time in different looking places, one having a fin-like back and the other having a slender tail. It would also explain the noticeable distance the creature traveled in such a small amount of time. Being in Midtown and destroying a bridge at the same time would even make The Flash exhausted.

Due to the fact it’s body lice wasn’t falling off everywhere and it’s many different limbs, one can come to the conclusion that there are more than one, or it is evolving fast. Adapting to oxygen must be a bitch. On the official flash site of Cloverfield here http://www.1-18-08.com/, we are given many pictures with hidden meanings. The newest additions show a fishing boat and dead beached whales, gored and mutilated. If you look at the time stamp, this would have happened near the morning. Leaving a new coming monster unnoticed while the government prepares the attack. Another thing i noticed was how you sometimes see claws and in other scenes you see it's suction cup like fingers. Notice the claw marks in the Statue of Liberty. Weird, much. Reeves stated in an interview regarding the monster this.

“The key to it is that the monster was a baby. The monster was suffering from separation anxiety and was absolutely disoriented and pissed, "where's mommy?” and terrified. That was the most important aspect of the creature. Not only was he furious and in a rage but he was scared, because to me there's nothing scarier than something huge that's spooked. If you're at the circus and the elephants are going nuts you don't want to be near them. We talked with Neville about the idea of how when a horse gets spooked you see the whites under the bottom of its eye. He fleshed out those sorts of details. We talked about wanting the monster to be different in that it was white. All these different aspects, which were important to us. It developed in many different ways and it came down to what Neville was doing which was amazing.”

This could explain many things. It could explain there being two monsters (I.E: Mother and Son/Daughter). Separation anxiety. That sort of thing. It can easily be disproven but I love to imagine that during all the commotion, another creature could easily sneak around. The other topic is Slusho and the mysterious falling craft at the end of the film. Well, Rob works for a company in Japan (Hence his going away party) and it is obvious he works for the company responsible for Slusho. Enter Tagruato http://tagruato.jp/, the Japanese company responsible for the drilling of the deep-sea nectar used in the popular drink. This could mean a couple things. One view of this means that Rob knew about the creature’s existence.

Sort of far fetched, but if you are the Vice President of a company, you would have a high enough pay grade for such information. Another link to that is the new four part manga series only been released in Japan now. At the end of the first volume, we are given this haunting last still. A Tagruato ship dragging something…. with eyes. I’ll be the first to admit that Rob seemed a little bit unphased by the appearance of a monster. The fact that the story of a baby being disturbed by a deep sea drilling operation fits the monster genre perfectly. We got the politics. Dueling companies Tagruato and the anti-terror Tidowave Company. http://tidowave.com/

Wow, danger to our environment. Seems to all be coming together. Way to get raped by Mother Nature though.

Tidowave's last entry before being shut down was on 01-17-08

Next thing is the falling object in the background near the end. Many people claim it is the creature, coming from space. This is theoretically impossible. Something of it’s size would create massive tidal waves all across the Atlantic ocean and result in the immediate expedition to discover what it was, leaving preemptive time to evacuate once noticing meteor containing the hell beast. Tagruato’s website stated their satellite was destroyed and crashed to earth, thus filling more of the gap in this viral timeline.

“Did you see the thing in the last shot? In the final shot there's a little something, and I don't wanna say what it is. The final shot before the titles. The stuff at Coney Island, there's a little something there and I don't want to give it away 'cause the fun is sort of to find it, but I will say this: there's a funny thing, you look at the shot and until you see it you don't see it and you really don't see it and obviously you don't 'cause none of you have seen it, but once you see it you'll never stop seeing it.”

At the end credits, if you reverse the recorded message, you hear someone barely get out the words “It’s Still Alive”. So the creature did not die. Many people are probably wondering why the hell it wont die. Well, if I was housed in a deep-sea crevice and withstood thousands of pounds of pressure, I could imagine being able to withstand a beating. I’m starting to actually feel bad for this creature.

So there you have it. Two murder beasts and all. This is just my way of looking at this. You can easily tell there is more than meets the eye.

Ending Voice: http://boomp3.com/m/bd034dfca370


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