Jan 6, 2008

Captured For Sex 2

This rough ero-gro pinku film is a rough, sentimental film that focuses on the bizarre change between extreme pain and enormous pleasure. The beginning of this film shows a young couple driving down a trail in the forest when, you know it, their automobile breaks down. Before they get the chance to sulk, a strange passerby offers to fix the car the next day. They enjoy his shaded company with some sake and a weird shaped bath tub.

Later that day, Miki runs out screaming for some unknown reason and she notices their car is gone. Cue the creepy man with a knife leading them back into the house before tying them up tight and forcing her to perform fellatio on her significant other. This is only the beginning of this descent into the beautiful annals of BDSM and forced Ecstasy. Shiko Shima (Antagonist) forces him to perform cunnilingus on the poor girl and sodomize her with various objects before getting raped repeatedly. After many cruel scenes of torture and erotic situations, the captor begins to make it into more of a visual art performance. Caressing her flesh with lit candles while managing to find the deepest beauty in her squeals and whines.

After becoming a voyeur in these tactics, the salaryman boyfriend notices this excites him in ways never trekked and sparks unknown desires. After escaping, he begs to become the mans apprentice. He is then a pawn in the cruel twisted games he entrenches his girlfriend in. After they use her body in disgusting ways such as filling her anus with a milk enema and corking it in for weeks only to let it spew out, they find new targets. Kidnapping young girls off the street and taking them back their hut of pleasure, they make these poor women slaves to their game.

After all is said and done, Captured For Sex 2 is an erotic masterpiece. Comparable to such great films like Blind Beast, this film is certainly not for everyone and may be deemed disgusting, perverse, or even untasteful, but if you have a keen eye for the elegance of depravity and sadomasochism, this film is yours. The one fact about this film that will enhance the viewing pleasure is that Shiko Shima is actually famous in Japan for being the king of S & M. He revealed his fetish to the public and opened up a VIP torture chamber in which he trained over 3,500 women the art of sadism.

Some of the acts in this film are arousing and some of them are putrid. One scene involves filling an anus with marbles and flushing it with wine. Then letting it sit until she loses bowel control filling a funnel with a tasty cocktail. We have whippings, beatings, burning, wax tickling, bondage, forced discharge consumption and many more neatly wrapped into a tough product to swallow.

The title of this film refers it to be the sequel to Captured For Sex but it is actually a loose sequel to Ikenie. The original Captured For Sex was actually a sequel to Daydream, another pinku XXX film involving strange set pieces. Captured For Sex 2 is a bizarre ride through lust, pain, and the transgression of normal pain. It is not to be missed and it will not be forgotten.



Phantom of Pulp said...


Definitely a groundbreaking work.

The web bondage sequence is poetry.

Anonymous said...

Where did you watch this movie