Jan 24, 2008

Black Santa's Revenge

Black Santa’s Revenge is a 20-minute blaxploitation short directed by David Walker that features the lovable and huggable Ken Foree as the enigmatic Black Santa. The film opens up with our favorite Black Santa losing at a game of dice where he lost most of his money. He shoos his friends home before he begins to have flashbacks about poverty stricken and disappointed children. The film starts off nice and easy that leads up to a ridiculous robbery that seemed too unplanned and led our vigilante in a detective’s office.

The opposing sides of racial tension are shown in an often anti-white way as we bare witness to the detective try and put Black Santa in the crime. This is just ignored as the camera gets a good luck at the hilarious mural of the white man with his small dog behind his desk. After stressing about the disappointment of the children he decides to go drinking at a strip bar.

After some glamorous strippers do their thing, we see our very own Black Santa hammering down shots and then requesting the bottle. Turning around, he sees one of the men involved with the robbery. Intoxication in hand, he decides to follow him to their hangout.

After grabbing a shotgun, it all ends with bloodshed and incredible yuletide one-liners. Black Santa’s Revenge has it’s own errors and would have fit a longer running time a lot more snugly. Despite all this, the film is very watchable and proves that Ken Foree has what it takes to be a new blaxploitation star and bring the almost dead genre back to life. Pick this DVD up HERE for a very small price of $13.00. The amazing nostalgic cover art alone is worth it.


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