Jan 4, 2008


Alexander Dovzhenko’s Arsenal (1928) is a Bolshevik hate filled propaganda masterpiece. It’s presentation of German Kaiser soldiers as laughing toothless maniacs shows the real “equality” banker Jacob Schiff paid for. New York City banker Jacob Schiff gave Leon Trotsky 20 Million dollars to run the 1917 red revolution. This "revolution" killed around 10 million people alone. The Bolsheviks committed many mass murders for decades and decades more.

Arsenal is set during the Ukrainian Civil War (based on an actual incident from 1918). This is quite ironic considering Holodomor (Ukranian Famine of 1932-1933) occurred a couple years after the films release. Holodomor resulted in the intentional (man made famine) starvation of between 7-10 million Ukrainian Kulaks. The war criminal Soviet leaders benefited greatly from the famine. It eliminated the cultural elite of the Ukraine thus resulting in forced collectivism. Commies related hated national self-determination because it went against their goal of “international revolution.”

Insane mind controlling editing and lack of plot make Arsenal the ultimate nightmare. After watching it, I would have let the Bolsheviks kill me. The early soviet directors had a very odd take on film theory and its psychological effects on viewers. It is obvious that they wanted to the proletarians ignorant and impulsive when defending collective enterprise. Compared to other early Soviet propaganda, Arsenal is fairly tame in its propaganda. Soviet montage madman Sergei Eisenstein’s film Bezhin Meadow portrayed Christian kulaks as hideous and homicidal son killers. Of course, Bezhin Meadow neglects to let the viewer know that the Soviets intentionally starved to death between 7-10 million of those evil kulaks.

Arsenal is a an oddly political and surreal look into the past. Knowing the history surrounding the film only makes it more interesting. I felt sick and lied to after viewing Arsenal. Piles of starved skeleton corpses perfectly compliment it.

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