Jan 28, 2008


Christian Alvart’s Antibodies is another serial killer film. People are obviously going to compare it with Silence of the Lambs and Se7en. Although at a much lower budget, Antibodies is a more interesting and a complex film. Director Alvart substitutes action sequences and fast paced entertainment with philosophical biblical questions and masturbation.

Antibodies is mainly set in rural Germany giving the film a new type of feel. I wouldn’t be surprised if Alvart was inspired by Clean, Shaven and its dark look into rural America. At points, both films have a similar feeling. Not to mention both films feature naked and mutilated bodies of little girls. Antibodies distances the viewer from the serial killer(unlike most Hollywood serial killer films). The majority of Hollywood serial killer films glamorize the killer. Not too many people are fans of pedophiliac child killers.

The problem with serial killer films is that not many of them are innovative. Antibodies features many of the conventions associated with the serial killer film. The difference is that the protagonist and hero is the most important character. I could careless about Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs and Morgan Freeman in Se7en. The protagonist in Antibodies is a family man with an internal battle over good vs. evil. I found myself forgetting about the killer in Antibodies. Keep in mind the actor playing the killer did an excellent job with the part.

Antibodies isn’t the most original and intelligent film ever made. It is however very thrilling, entertaining, well written, and even has a good message. Antibodies is evidence that mainstream directors could make better films if they put a tiny bit of extra effort into them. Director Christian Alvart’s upcoming film Case 39 stars Renée Zellweger. It will be interesting to see how that films turns out.

-Ty E

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Phantom of Pulp said...

ANTIBODIES is a very underrated film.