Jan 30, 2008

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Animated children's classic? or a film completely hidden by its outer shell to be realized for what it is? All Dogs Go To Heaven is an animated film about a dog named Charlie who had been framed for murder and was put on death row. Already not a film for kids. He then breaks out to meet up with his old partner-in-crime Carface. Note the antagonist. After meeting up at his old casino, he realizes it is rigged and takes up his share of the profits. Lifetime friend Itchy hears about Charlie's planned murder and tries to save him but it is too late.

Charlie was murdered by this neo-gangster and was sent to Heaven. All Dogs Go To Heaven you see? Because unlike humans and their foul nature, a dog is incapable of committing an atrocious act upon the world. After a musical number involving the infallibility of god in a Dali inspired Heaven, Charlie steals back his watch (His life) and winds the clock back, proving god wrong and thrusting him back into the world. He surprises Itchy and plots to kill Carface. He stumbles upon a kidnapped orphan girl named Ann-Marie and brings her along due to her amazing ability to speak to animals.

Using her sense to his advantage, he finds out the winners of races and places massive bets winning enough money to open his own bar. Many adventures await this gloomy trio in this animated film from hell. Now what makes this movie so inappropriate? There are many facets of this which prove to be not understood by kids but if grown up upon, could alter a sense of mind.

To start off, this is a groundbreaking animated film. One simple reason. It takes the stereotype of an animated film being only for children and destroys it. This film is more of a ne o-noir film with hints of surrealism and a satirical look at divinity in all forms. That, and its featuring of a homosexual singing alligator. Without all the subliminal content, the film is increasingly violent and nihilistic. Featuring scenes of murder, torture, and heavy scenes of smoking and intoxication.

Director Don Bluth really did a good job capturing the feel of the slums in this film. The quality of life seems so slow. It's very bleak and hard to keep a high spirit when you are constantly reminded of the poverty even for animals. Not only featuring an incredible heaven, but showing a terrifying hell. This is one of the most creepy scenes in an animated film. Comparable to the Satan scene in The Adventures Of Mark Twain. Not since the early Coffin Joe films has hell been captured vividly enough to terrify viewers.

All Dogs Go To Heaven is a noir classic with enough violence and undertones to entertain any age group. This deserves the title of "Classic" and should be shown to your kids just to fuck them up a little bit.



Anonymous said...

I concur. I recently watched this again for the first time since I as about 7. I still cried like a baby at the end, but it dawned on me just how fantastic this movie is. Had it not been animated with cute pups, it could easily be a very adult film. Incredibly morbid.

The aligator kinda looks like screamin jay hawkins, eh?

I was so taken with this movie that I decided to buy a copy of the sequel I saw in a used video store. It was fucking terrible. Ernest Borgnine did Carfaces voice, but even that couldn't save us from Sheen Easton's singing.

665+1 said...

That singing alligator never ceased in making me shudder as a child, haha.

peregrine fforbes-hamilton said...

i want to bugger the little girl in this film, she`s so fucking gorgeous.

willy jerk-off said...

Judith Barsi was such an incredible little darlin` and essentially another Heather O`Rourke, i bet thats who Peregrine was really talking about (as opposed to the actual cartoon character, although she was gorgeous as well), did you see her in that bikini in the appalling "JAWS 4"?, her arse was incredible, at the age of 8 she was already the ultimate anal fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Never got to see this as a kid. A recent viewing made me a hugh fan. Nothing like that Rock-a-Doodle crap, more like Disney's darkest production, Pinnochio, but in a leauge of it's own. A kid's film without censorship or sweet dreams of medias fantasies about innocence and jolly Good Times.
Still the charaders are sympatetic and have heart and soul.
The alligator though....