Dec 8, 2007

The White Lie

While working in a video store, i had the chance to view a lot of independent horror which stretches over every sub-genre. This is a short film from Ron DeCaro and is apart of a trilogy. The Gateway Meat is the last film and is expected to be finished soon. For a film that is only ten minutes long, it is pretty good. The director knows how he wants things to appear and it is pretty shocking.

The plot revolves around Tyler Steadman. He lives in a house with a family but is addicted to drugs. While his wife is arguing with him, he gets a phone call from an anonymous person who he owes a hundred dollars. Of course he hangs up on him and because of that, the man appears at his house and begins a descent into a grotesque art of humiliation. While hitting Tyler with a hammer, the madman hears a baby monitor makes noise.

That is when the suspense turns up. The killer walks up the stairs and along the way steps on a toy which starts talking. The talking of the toy starts humming at a noticeable level and mixes with the screams of the baby well. When you hear the babies last scream, it is the most authentic scream i have ever heard from a child.

The acting in this short film is so-so. I had no expectations whatsoever so it wasn't a huge letdown. Tyler seems to be too forced with his role and the make-up is painfully noticeable. The madman plays a decent role. Sometimes appearing too fake. His hat bill is so low i dont think you ever see his eyes. I consider that a smart move. Some of his angles i didn't really care for; such as when the camera seems to be on the tip of the killers gun.

I have seen the same mistake over and over again in indie cinema. The hammer effects looked really nice though. We hear loud cracks on the head that really remind you of the good days of torture film. The sound effects for the rain are some of the best i have ever heard. Quite childish to love, but it sets the mood up real nice.

It carries the tagline "The most brutal 10 minute short film ever!". It certainly isn't but damn if they didn't try. I am really looking forward to his new film.

You can watch "The White Lie" for free on their myspace.


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