Dec 23, 2007

Tribute to Vincent Cassel

What can be said about Vincent Cassel that hasn't already been said? Probably not that much, but that doesn't stop me discussing the greats of this frenchman. Vincent Cassel brings a lot to modern art-house cinema. Not only is he is a great fucking actor and has an angelic wife, but he has a great taste in film. I was first introduced to Cassel with the introduction of HATE (La Haine) via an old VHS tape. Upon watching this film, it blew me away. The intensity of Vinz's role is actually a stepping stone along the way to the cinema that i watch now.

After watching this film and being marked, i began to hunt down more of his films, stumbling upon Irreversible, Doberman, Sheitan, and The Crimson Rivers. Each of these films are amazing in different aspects but tie in on his roles. Lets go through his variety of acting.

La Haine - A misunderstood Jewish sociopath with vengeance on the mind.

The Crimson Rivers - A tough Paris cop who teams up with Jean Reno (Instant Points)

L'Appartemente - A man who is searching for the truth (Mindfuck Film)

Sheitan - A satanic Shepard who is trying to flock in some college sacrifices.

Irreversible - A homophobic bastard who loves cocaine and gay bashing

Derailed - A French smooth-mother-fucker who is a master conman.

These are just some of the many roles he can play. Sheitan was an amazing film in overview but did have its flaws. If it wasn't for Cassel's deep pockets and his ability to fund the film, we wouldn't have seen this macabre masterpiece. Not only does Vincent Cassel and his wife Monica Belluci form an amazing family, but his brother is a part of French rap group ASSASSIN codenamed Rockin Squat.

I highly anticipated his role in Cronenberg's new crime masterpiece EASTERN PROMISES and after viewing, he made that film. Kirill was an amazing character. Not only did he handle the homosexual undertones with class, but he also made such a monster a character you actually feel for. Its really amusing to watch a Frenchman playing a Russian, Jew, Frenchie, and a cartoon character off of Shrek. Such a wide range of capabilities shouldn't go unrewarded.

Vincent Cassel is an amazing actor and indeed one of the finest. His name alone is worth a rent.



theNomad said...

Agreed he's an amazing actor, one of the best of his generation. right up there with Benicio Del Toro, Ed Norton and Tadanobu Asano

Soiled Sinema said...

The best.