Dec 13, 2007

Run And Kill

Run And Kill is one the the few CAT III films that I can honestly admit to love. What set this film apart from every other one is its complex plot that is equipped with an amazing cast. Kent Chang (Fatty) is an honest hard-working man who has a wife that he loves and a wonderful daughter. He is very punctual to work at all times and is a very friendly guy. One fateful afternoon, he happens to come home early to see his wife screwing the neighborhood shop owner. Emotionally battered, he tells them to take it in the bedroom so no one will see them. This reveals his first weakness - he has a repressed anger problem.

In a fit of depression, he wanders around the seedy part of town till he locates a bar called 1997. Outside of this bar, he meets one of his old high school friends who buys him a drink and leaves with a woman immediately. Fatty then sits at the bar taking Tequila shot after shot until he is trashed. A woman then comes to the bar named Fanny after calling her a stupid whore, he begins to express his sorrow for his wife. Fanny then argues with him on why he didn't beat the shit out of her, she offers to help. She then introduces Fatty to a Vietnamese gangster who agrees to kill his wife for 100,000 dollars, he then passes out in the alleyway.

Upon waking up, he begins to stumble his way home not realizing this is going to be a long couple of days. He walks into his wonderful apartment to see they are still together. The shopkeeper dresses up and begins to walk out the door until a flying dragon kick seals his fate in this apartment. Five men come in the apartment and start to try and kill his wife, but one of them decides he wants to rape her. Fatty does not remember what he did and is horrified all the same. She bites the would-be rapist and suffers an extremely brutal and creative death. They then begin to fillet the hell out of the shop keeper in the bathtub.

From this point on, Fatty gets involved with yet another gang, results in the death of a sociopath's brother, loses his business, and his debt triples. This film is one of the grittier movies I have seen lately. It builds up quite nicely and fits snug in its 90 minute running time. Simon Yam makes a nice surprise as the sociopath and you can really see him shine with a blade slashing 30+ peoples throats in a five minute scene. After normally being acquainted with Yam in detective roles, a sadist is welcomed warmly.

While it is a CAT III film, it really takes a while for you to feel that. In the opening 20 minutes of the film, we get no blood, no breasts, and no swearing, then it just kind of explodes on screen. It is guaranteed that you will feel bad for Fatty's character. This film is the bastard lovechild of a Bukowski and Mamet script. Run And Kill is the story of an ordinary (albeit retarded) man caught in a ridiculous situation and should be highly regarded in the underground film circle. This film is often misogynistic and so uncompromising that if you watch the ending, you will be sure to be offended. This film takes no prisoners and is easily the best CAT III film I have seen. Highly Recommended.



Anonymous said...

Sh*t sounds insane as hell!! I'll be keeping an eye out for this one.

Added a link to your page on my blog a little while ago. Feel free to return the gesture if you want....

Phantom of Pulp said...

This is definitely the review this fine film deserves.

The new German DVD from Cine Club is a revelation, by the way.

It is heads and shoulders over a lot of Cat III junk, even though some of that "junk" such as "Daughters of Darkness" and "Bloody Beast" possesses its own magic.