Dec 4, 2007


Nick Palumbo’s Murder-Set-Pieces is a refreshing new take on the slasher film. So refreshing that I forgot that it was a slasher film. Director Palumbo was able to simultaneously piss off veteran horror fans and Jews. This is an accomplishment in itself. Last House on a Dead End Street director Roger Watkins(RIP) has championed the film. Murder-Set-Pieces obviously did something right.

The film’s serial killer is a German prince and descendent of a high ranking Nazi officer. His mother was a whore and he has complete contempt for women. This Teutonic psycho killer energetically kills Las Vegas whores when he’s not driving around in his muscle car. Henry Lee Lucas wishes that he had this much style.

Chocolate candyman Tony Todd gives an amazing performance as a sex shop clerk. I have on more than one occasion rewinded and rewatched this ACTION PACKED scene. Belligerent and fat Fred Vogel of August Underground fame also appears in the scene as a robber. In fact, the entire Toe Tag Pictures team is featured(they also did the special FX for Murder-Set-Pieces). I much prefer Murder-Set-Pieces to any of films in the Toe Tag library.

Murder-Set-Pieces is complimented by its soundtrack. Stupid metal makes you want to join in on the killing. Most Hollywood horror films feature music of this nature but Murder-Set-Pieces utilizes it properly. The film also contains a speech by the fuehrer himself(from Triumph of the Will) while the Aryan killer does some sit-ups. What a great way to workout.

Shock poetry is the best way to describe Murder-Set-Pieces. For all its stupidity, it has much more character and routine playability than the majority of “underground” horror films. Nick Palumbo has potential as a director. Stock footage of the 9/11 world trader center attack was his boldest move. The only thing missing is a thumbs up from Steven Spielberg.

-Ty E

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