Dec 14, 2007


Maladolescenza (Spielen Wir Liebe) is an extremely controversial film which was outright banned in many countries but is available with an X rating in Austria. Maladolescenza can be translated into adolescent malice and that does account for the plot. The film stars three children/teenagers who are in a bizarre love triangle. Laura is madly in love with Fabrizio. He lives in the forest behind her family's loft. She spends her summer afternoons exploring with Fabrizio on mountains and in caves. Some of the scenery is magnificent such as the "Ice Palace"which is truly a remarkable natural creation.

Fabrizio is the kind of guy who likes it rough as we see in several heartbreaking scenes were he proudly humiliates Laura and makes her cry. It starts out innocent enough but then gets deadly. Sicking his German Shepard and tying her on the ground for a snake is only the beginning. Fabrizio completes his ritual of degradation and humiliation by taking her virginity in the ice palace. Shocked and confused, Laura doesn't know what to make of how much Fabrizio has changed. He begins to use her sexually until they meet Sylvia.

Sylvia is the perfect example of a barbie doll. Blond hair and blue eyes, she is a bitch in all forms whether or not her soul exists. She begins to join in this games with Fabrizio in one graphic scene where they shoot a blackbird with many arrows. The legitimacy of this scene can be argued but it looks very real.

They torture Laura emotionally and have sex in front of her just to see her embarrassment and watch her heart break. No matter what happens in this film, nothing will prepare you for the ending. This film is highly frowned upon due to it's child pornographic content, but if you look past all of the moral issues at hand, you will see a wonderful character study and a heartbreaking story of true love and puberty.

Fabrizio's character is the most peculiar. He lives in the forest almost Peter Pan style, never wanting to grow old. You see an outer shell of malice and venom but in several scenes, we question his motives as he watches Laura's house while she sleeps. We never really understand why he treats her with such cruelty when it is obviously a mutual love between them.

After making this film, Martin Loeb's (Fabrizio) career was ruined and was instantly black listed while Eva Lonesco became a star and has continued to make films. The film has a hypnotic children's theme which roots sound tribal-like and features distorted whistles to capture the menace of the dog. The characters can almost be traced on Jodorowsky's Fando Y Lis. Such captivating qualities possess each individual character. I can understand why this Lolita-esque film is under such fire to this day. It's hard being a parent and seeing what your child could be up to. Such innocence is not easy to watch be corrupted.

A film that captures your attention instantly. It not only lives up to its horrid hype but is a wonderful film that clearly shows the line between art and pornography. Never before has a film captured the evil of hormones frozen in an angelic state depicted by the youth of the damned.



Unknown said...

Maq, you be right yo. This film does kind of have the feel of Fando y Lis(at least what i saw of it).

peregrine fforbes-hamilton said...

At the time of filming the 2 girls were 11, it would have been even better if they`d been 7 or 8 and had both been completely naked for the entire movie, with the geezer fully clothed the entire time except for when he got his knob out to bugger the 2 gorgeous 7 year-old girls.