Dec 27, 2007

Killer Me

Killer Me is an independent psychological horror film that not only dazzled me with its wonderful premise but it is a story that could be the most awkward and rewarding love story put on independent film in a long while. The film is like a jawbreaker with many different elements and genres rolled into a tasty hybrid of new horror. The outer shell, of course, is the serial killer parts, with the center, being a budding love story between two confused souls.

The plot involves two people really, and uses their severed connections with the outside world as a setting for the story to unravel. Joseph is a brooding, unsettled man who takes criminology courses and works at a library. He is the kind of character we know nothing about and we only learn through fragmented flashbacks. Joseph enjoys long walks at night and macaroni TV dinners. Joseph is a serial killer. While this is not told to us directly, we have no choice but to get the idea.

He wakes up, bloody, with a recent violent acquaintance dead. It has to be more than superior luck, Right? Well, he is a tortured soul, sporting around a fancy old style razor and i must say, in a couple of masterfully shot sequences, that razor had me on edge. This is when we are introduced to gorgeous Anna who has a ridiculously annoying hair cut. They begin to stare at each other through class.

Innocently enough, she begins to try to start a conversation but he quickly recedes into his shell. He obviously doesn't want anyone to get hurt and that is the sweetest thing any one could do. He witnesses an almost rape one night and wakes up on the trail. You don't know what happened, but i felt fucking horrible. The sickness was spreading in my stomach. Easily, one of the more grueling scenes with such a lack of content.

The lies get deeper as he adds more to his scrapbook of believed killings. He has a cut of his side which he burrows into more and more. Their relationship gets more personal and personal till it gets too much for him. The animal he bought for her is what is essentially keeping them together and his nameless fish is a heartbreaking character. If i were to talk any more about this creative film, it would be ruined.

You don't really need to expect much but a damn good serial killer film that rivals HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER and a love story that rivals BLIND BEAST though not as perverse. For being a little to not heard of film, my expectations were shattered. It was released on a company called Vanguard. I would definitely check this film out if i were you.

Zachary Hansen might be the best thing to happen to indie horror in a while. Taking on the extremely difficult task of directing, editing, and writing, he completes these with style. His cast of unknowns are the most amazing of which i have seen recently and produce excellent chemistry.

One thing that did greatly piss me off is the fact that this film bills Anna as a young, lush, stalker when this is certainly not the case. Only a half-wit would deem her such. Just an innocent girl, with innocent emotions. There is no activity that could be describable as "stalking"

Killer Me is a frightening look at vigilantism, serial killers, love, and the questions we face in our every day life. What do you see when you look into the mirror?


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