Dec 25, 2007

The Fighter

It is so easy to pass a movie off as shit and it be ignored by the general population. Many films do deserve this label but there are some films that are indeed bad but still entertaining. Not this myth of "B Movies". To me, B Movies don't exist. There is a fine line between serious work and silly work. You can call Evil Dead 2 a B Movie, but this is a false, pretentious label that does nothing but belittle the intentions of the director. Nowadays, directors don't even try. Horror comedies are popping up everywhere, being bred like rabbits. The Fighter is a really bad action/martial arts directed by Anthony Maharaj who is an unknown, shitty director who made a couple of shitty action films but none didn't compare to this.

The Fighter (Kick Fighter) is a story about Ryan Travers. A thick headed street smart 9 year old kid played by a 37 year old man. Yeah, i know. It gets better though. In a horrible scene, he kills a man over a game of street dice. Therefore, he is sent to jail and we get him screaming while a whole bunch of dirty Thai's hold his shoulder in a shitty scene that almost was as awkward as it's cousin in The Life Aquatic.

Ten years or so later, Ryan Travers is exactly the same size, but wearing tighter clothes just to exaggerate his "maturity". His family was murdered by the mob but the time of this is really certain. Other than that, this tragedy doesn't really effect the story but anyways. When he gets out of jail, he meets up with his bombshell sister and Viet-servant aptly named Tien who participates in "cock fights" on the streets. Because of this, he is murdered and the police just...forget about him.

He works at a shipyard welding for small change to pay for his sisters conveniently timed heart problem. After a while, he discovers she needs open heart surgery and upon a discovery of a street fight, he gets offered 10000 baht to fight. Of course he is brimming with foreign patriotism and kicks the Filipinos ass. Thus through painful filler scenes, he gets an alcoholic Australian agent.

Ryan then fights an extremely ugly guy for 10 minutes. Seriously, this guy is fucking disgusting. After this, he fights a gimp kick boxer and a couple more extremely interesting characters until some drama from the mob comes around. Basically he starts hard core fighting to save her life then she gets kidnapped and it is a shitty loophole. End of plot. Did i mention he had an Asian whore who was important to him but was also erased from the script?


What worked the most was the fighting. This film had incredibly real fighting and i appreciated that greatly. Benny "The Jet" Urquidez plays the "last boss" of this film and i must say, he terrifies me. That man has the score of 56-1-1 and has never lost. The man is a kickboxing god and has 9 black belts in different martial arts. Ouch. Richard Norton plays Ryan Travers and...does..well, a pretty horrible job. He lacks charisma and acting skills, but still does entertain the fuck out of me with his naivety. The one actor i really did love was Traver's best friend and to be totally honest, i have no idea who he was. Information on this film is far and between.

This film can be analyzed and dismissed as shit, or you can sit back and enjoy the fuck out of this film like i did. I wouldn't go and buy this for over 10 dollars but it is definitely worth a view if you like your action cheese. The Fighter is a realistic street brawling movie with shitty characters, shitty dialogue and shitty everything but don't let this stop you from having fun.


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