Dec 11, 2007

Commando: A Homosexual Action Film

I am writing about the beginning of insanity amongst character roles. Vernon Welles plays a mysterious mercenary named Bennett in the Hollywood action film and cult classic COMMANDO. He is the antagonist of a normal screenplay that sounds like anything Tom Clancy would do. What differs from this film between other action films? I'll tell you what. The character Vernon was one of the first closet homosexuals in action cinema. It's not some over analysis that leads to it, it is common knowledge. In many scenes, we are given hints that he seems to adore Matrix of both his handiwork and determination.

He set the stone for both Dennis Hopper and Gary Oldman. Until this film came out, there were no complicated villains with backdrops or some sort of psychosis. Vernon Welles plays the role according to script while giving it that "umph", you can tell from his stunning performance. Basically, Bennett has kidnapped John Matrix's daughter and is holding her hostage. Schwarzenegger plays Matrix and of course, steals the show, but what motivates Bennett? Why is he such a mystery?

Nothing is known about him other than he is a deranged, sadistic killing machine who has no problem killing a child, but fears confronting Matrix. Another fine example of this is Kakihara of ICHI THE KILLER. Both are primes examples of sado-masochists that get excited to feel the terror of the ultimate showdown. Bennett himself had a chance to shoot Matrix but instead chose to settle it like a man. A classic knife fight, which in my opinion, is one the best original knife fights. Not since THE HUNTED has there been such a realistic fight with blades.

Not only sporting just his derangement, but he also experiences a death that is so over the top, you just cant help for feeling bad for the guy and is also followed by one of Schwarzenegger's classic one liners. The only problem i have with him in this movie is the lack of screen time. In one particular scene, some of the Latin American soldiers are discussing slitting a girls throats, he tells them to shut the fuck up. He then begins to tell the dictator how his men mean nothing to him and Matrix will kill all of them. The dictator then makes his point by saying he doesn't fear Matrix. Bennett quickly comes back and tells him "You should. I do".

In another scene near the end, Matrix told Bennett to kill him with a knife; to man up. Bennett's face then contorted to pain and maniacal glee. A really effective emotion that got the point around. To hold my point even further, during the closing lines, Bennett said "I'm going to shoot you in between the eyes...No...I'm going to shoot you in between the balls!". His face then turned to rage and he quickly met his demise.

Matrix: "You can beat me... You want to put a knife in me. Look me in the eyes. See what's going on in there while you turn it. That's what you want to do to me, right? Come on, let the girl go. You and me. Don't deprive yourself of some pleasure. Come on Bennett; let's party."

Bennett: "I don't need the girl -- I don't need the girl!!"

Bennett is such a feminine character. When you watch him throw weapons, he seems to have a limp wrist go about. Not to stereotype, but it all adds together in a package. Many people derive humor from that casting choice but to me it is something more to fear. You have to give props to Vernon Welles and Mark Lester for not conforming to the standard villain. What we have hear is how villains should be perceived, Dysfunctional and insane.

Chain mail has never looked so bad-ass.



Anonymous said...

I am ashamed I haven't seen that.

Anonymous said...

you should be. It'll change the way you view action films.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Alyssa Milano was 12 at the time of filming and she was much more beautiful and desirable then than she is now at the age of 37, believe me. By the way, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vernon Wells are both worthless piles of shit irrespective of their sexual orientations (although i suppose if you could prove to me that they have both been completely heterosexual all their lives then that would go someway to redeeming them obviously).

Anonymous said...

homophobic shit.