Dec 25, 2007

A Christmas Story

I have probably seen A Christmas Story (1983) more times than any other film in my entire life. Since birth, I have watched it multiple during every Christmas season. A Christmas Story has the ability to bring out the nostalgia out of the most Grinchiest of individuals. A Christmas Story is also one of the Christmas few films that hasn’t left a sour eggnog taste in my mouth after noticing it been has televised for 24 hours straight on Christmas.

It’s quite interesting to go back to A Christmas Story after all the years and evaluate it with a cinephile mindset. I don’t think it would be ridiculous to say there is an obvious Fellini Amarcord influence to the film. That was the first thing I thought when I first watched Amarcord. Fellini loved to tell the heartwarming details of his childhood (whether he imagined them or not).

Illegal immigrant Hector Velazquez-Nava took the life of A Christmas Story director Bob Clark and his son earlier this year. Velazquez-Nava had a blood alcohol level of three times the legal limit and was driving without a license when he crashed into Bob Clark’s automobile. Velazquez-Nava has the luxury of attending jail for the next six year and will most likely face deportation to Mexico afterwards. What a waste.

A Christmas Story wasn’t Bob Clark’s first Christmas film. In 1974 he had directed phantom slasher Black Christmas. I would have to say that A Christmas Story is a much better film. Everyone knows most slasher films are complete trash. Black Christmas at least had some intrigue to it. Bob Clark was no doubt a competent director.

I always get disappointed when Ralphie finally “shoots his eye out.” As a child, I also took a liking to BB guns (better ones than a red ryder of course). I even got my best BB gun for Christmas when I was 9 years old. Ralphie was a true hero to me.

Merry Christmas from Soiled Sinema!

-Ty E

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