Dec 9, 2007

Centipede Horror

Wai Lun is in a deep supernatural conspiracy. After getting bugged by his sister to let her go to S.E Asia and ignore her late grandfathers plea's, he finally collapses and lets her go. ONLY, if she agrees to where a magic amulet that protects her from evil. Of course, her being a naive little twat, she takes it off to go to a vendor. The vendor instantly recognizes said amulet and using a lost article of hers induces a venomous spell.

She then passes out in the forest covered with disgusting, foot-long centipedes. Her brother then flys to S.E Asia and begins investigated her death. Might i add it was gruesome, including wounds that birth baby centipedes. That scene truly made me squirm. While investigating, he locates a man called "The Centipede King" and brings him to her bed. He looks in fear and pushes them to go see his uncle.

Wai Lun begins hearing very disturbing sounds everywhere only to find centipedes. Truly a devil's creation, these insects have been added to my list of phobias. After this incident, it is shown that his grandfather had done a horrible thing which resulted in a village being burnt to the ground and had a curse put on his entire family. This film was directed by Keith Li and is known for it's incredible acting. I am not talking about Oscar acting. I am talking about vomiting up live centipedes and scorpions.

That by itself isn't all too squeamish. Christian Bale himself ate maggots for Herzog's new film "Rescue Dawn" but you need to keep in mind these are giant, venomous centipedes. They can kill you. The commitment alone is enough to shout encore. This film fits nicely with the other CAT III films released in the 80's such as The Untold Story or Dr. Lamb.

Truly disgusting, and i understand why Sam Raimi said this was the most disgusting film he has ever seen. In all my years of living i have learned one thing. Do not fuck with Voodoo. Let alone Chinese Voodoo. The vomit is disgusting and this film has some incredible scenes. With ghost chickens and flaming fireballs chasing sorcerers, this film is an amazing supernatural film.

One thing i hold high about this film is it's exorcism scene. This woman has a scorpion curse and has a bizarre rock stomach which reminds me of Nacho Cerda's Genesis. It involves blood stamps and bones clacking. They truly had the myth of magic in mind behind the scenes of this film. It also has a twist ending. Kick starting the trend since '88.

The film has no unique style or anything identifiable in his later works. The acting could be more believable and the costumes could show more effort, but regardless of these minor flaws, this is an excellent piece.


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