Dec 10, 2007


Marian Dora's debut film "Cannibal" is the most disgusting and perverse film i have ever seen and yet it's so strikingly beautiful. In many ways it could be viewed as two lost souls who find their way to each other through the Internet in order to satisfy each other, or it could be viewed as one of the most notorious crimes in the 21st Century. In 2001, Armin Meiwes posted an advertisement on the Internet, which read, "looking for a well-built 18 to 30-year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed". He got a response.

The film tells the story poetically starting off with a reading of Hansel & Gretel then switches view to "The Man" who is Armin's character. He is a bald silent man wandering around town with a black suit and suitcase. He is very enigmatic. We are told his story through silent conversations with many men in coffee shops, diners, and community parks. He decided against killing women because we need them to benefit our species. Then he stumbles upon a reply. The perfect male. He begins to talk to “The Flesh” and they schedule the day.They meet and he brings them to his house. They arrange many drinks and rooms. I dare not ruin the violence in this movie for it will dull down the effect that this movie spews forth but I will say this film has the most putrid butchery ever printed before. This film is a festering stone on cinema’s walkway. The acting, of course, is amazing. Expect no less from the geniuses that bring you this picture. Before he begins this event that will forever change his life and leave him scarred with the title “Cannibal”, he has problems with it. As any man would. Doing something this extreme does desensitize you eventually and you can certainly notice with he is butchering that there is a soul behind his eyes.

Not only does this film has the most malignant violence and the most disturbingly realistic scene of castration but this film puts August Underground’s Mordum to shame. The sexuality of this film is filthy and the torture is more realistic.The staff at Unearthed Films has brought this gem to our hands and is available via This is the easily the most disturbing film i have ever seen, and to think that the director helped direct The Green River Killer is shameful. A stunning work of art and the most repulsive love story ever put to film, but beware. They are adapting this story into a Hollywood film that will prove to be utter shit.


For your viewing pleasure, I have located the actual site where The Man met The Flesh.
You can search for “Franky” and find the title of his posts, but nothing more because this is just an archive.


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