Dec 4, 2007

August Underground Trilogy

When you search for “The most disgusting movie”, chances are the name August Underground has come into play more than once. That is how I found of about this trilogy of depravity, sadism, and punishment. The series is so notorious because it takes a simple serial killer sketchboard and transforms it into something so realistic, and so extreme, that it is almost incomprehensive.

Imagine walking down a road, to the nearest 7-Eleven. You stumble upon a VHS tape that isn’t labeled. Your curiosity gets the best of you and you decide to take it home. You are walking down the street with this tape. As you enter your apartment, you set the tape on your coffee table and take care of some odd jobs. When you finally get a chance, you sit down and pop it in. Static graces the screen with a strangely illuminated presence.

You watch as an almost amateur home video pops up onto the screen. You sit amused while watching two normal guys just drink and chat. They then walk into the house and open the basement door. You don’t realize that every step they take, is a step closer to the real hell. This is just the first step in the exploits of these unnamed killers. Every action seems to go unnoticed by the general public.

This film angers, disgusts, horrifies, and condemns you to join the ranks of fellow SICKO’s. All three of these films link up in an almost perfect way. August Underground is the considered to be the birth of these killers. We do not know if they have killed before, nor do we think about it as we watch through their eyes. In the first AU, we are subjected to two killers.

Well, one actually. The cameraman never physically kills someone, but he nevertheless torments and imposes it upon him or her. This film is almost too real. From the camerawork to the static, this film will shock you when you watch it. These films have the best special effects thanks to Jerami Cruise, FX Artist for Toe Tag Pictures. The only scene i really had a problem with was the blowjob scene. When he started punching her, i was laughing at how bad it looked.

You get the feeling of hopelessness head on. What Fred Vogel created is the most realistic and seedy film on serial killers ever filmed. He doesn’t try to glamorize serial killers like most other movies. He shows what it is, gritty, horrifying, and unpleasant.

At the end if the film, it doesn’t have credits, It just cuts off. You sit on your couch and just think about what you just subjected yourself to. This film rips your metaphorical jugular out and shits on it. If you want the real deal screw CSI, get August Underground. The second of the films is entitled August Underground Mordum.

This one takes what you thought to be the worst, most prolific serial killer movie, and vomits all over you. This one is more focused on sexual extremes as a whole. They take everything you thought was hardcore and blew your expectations away. The only real problem with Mordum is that it seems so uninvolved with everything.

It’s too over the top, one might say. They take Fred Vogel’s character and introduce 2 new killers, Crusty and Maggot. They are brothers and sisters and they fuck around. While this just not only confuses the hell out of everyone, it also makes the film seem less realistic in a sense but for every disadvantage there is an advantage.

In this film, there is the most graphic castration scene that has ever been committed to celluloid. There are scenes that are so brutal and unmerciful that its amazing that this film isn’t all over the news. This film thrives at its core on the sheer brutality that it portrays. There is a scene involving a little girl and a bathtub, which is beyond offensive and degrading. The whole argument over Mordum is which version is better.

The co-star Maggot released this film cut and extended the way he wanted it to be looked upon. It is simply dubbed “The Maggot Cut”. Copies can still be found on eBay occasionally. Near the horrifying climax of this film, our favorite killers meet up with Killjoy, Member of Necrophagia, and discover he has some “skeletons” in his closet also.

After the release of Mordum, Toe Tag Pictures garnered some credibility as being the new face of horror. To quote Fred Vogel himself, “The future of horror is bright fucking red”. That quote has stuck with me ever since my initial viewing because the man is right. Horror is going downhill fast. They make film like they see it, not so people of a younger age can watch it.

These films can be personally described as a “No holds barred descent into hell on earth”. When this film got released, it exploded all over forums. Fans and newcomers were amazed and confounded. No way in hell could he ever top the original but he did.

August Underground Penance was the most amazing film I have ever seen. When the name was released, I immediately went to a dictionary and looked it up. It has to do with atonement for sins. The name and theme could not be anymore perfect. When it was released and I got my copy. I sat down and was just fucking amazed. The only thing that I hated about these films was that the characters seemed so invincible.

They would kill, they would laugh, and they would fuck. It seemed like it would never stop or never feel for their actions but in Penance all that changed. The emotions from the killers just amazed me so much. I cried in this film. It is so brutally beautiful. There is so much to this film that isn’t even noticed right away. This movie had been under speculation from fans and critics alike because there appeared to be no way they could top Mordum but they ultimately did.

A great trilogy which is severly overrated at times, but still a classic in underground horror. These films should be viewed but take heed to the warnings you read on the internet.


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