Nov 15, 2007

What is it?

With every great film comes controversy; Citizen Kane, The Golden Compass, and The Da Vinci Code are all examples of films in recent memory that have been plagued with bad press. Crispin Hellion Glover’s new film “What is it?” might be the most taboo breaking film to be seen yet. The plot is a bit wayward but makes up for it with its striking imagery and atmosphere.

The plot seems to be about a young boy who has an everlasting interest in finding snails while being tricked by a malicious god. The entire leading cast Is formed by people who have down syndrome which plays a lot regarding the controversy. Blackface, down syndrome nudity, Shirley Temple pornography, and Charlie Manson leading the soundtrack are all examples of this films roots and where they lie.

The surrealism that leads this film is entirely creative and striking. Crispin Glover has a supporting role of playing a Demi-God Auteur, which might be one of the weirdest characters portrayed, he demands all the creatures to be resilient to him. He seems to be the God in the plane of existence. You basically are watching a power struggle in the young boys mind between dueling Gods.

Glover's ideas have finally been brought to life with an amazing background to the story. His use of generalized evil in such ways that can only be deemed audacious is appropriate. Of course, the viewing of this film is partial without Glover's Q & A, book showings, and his enigmatic charisma.

This film is the first in a trilogy that is currently being planned. The second is titled “It is fine, everything is fine!” and the third “It is mine.” These films according to Glover will never see a video release so he can preserve the road show feel. The set designs in this film are epic to say the least. His campaigning for this film has been controversial, due to a young Shirley Temple being portrayed as an SS officer committing heinous acts with a bull whip.

Many scenes stick out incredibly. For example, a crimson mounted room with a low fog that lies home to Monkey women, A glistening clam lies home to a Cerebral Palsy victim, and macabre puppet shows filled with some philosophies of either a madman or a genius decorate the runtime. Once you watch this film, you will never forget it. That is, If you are lucky enough to catch this film on tour.

What Is It? is a cerebral force that invades your mind with its whistles and screams. A haunting shadow on the surrealist acclaim and a formidable viewing experience that is unrivaled and incomparable.



peregrine fforbes-hamilton said...

Shirley Temple pornography!!! does that mean we get to see gorgeous sexy little girls who look like Shirley Temple being buggered? if it does then this film would really be worth seeking out. By the way, i see Heather everywhere i go now, in every building, on every escalator, on every street corner, on every advertisement hoarding, in every hallway, looking at me through every window, literally everywhere, and shes still wearing that sweet little red romper suit she wore in Poltergeist 3, she really is totally and completely engulfing my life, its so magical.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

I know exactly what Peregrine means because i experienced one of those perfect "Field Of Dreams" (as it were) "Heather O`Rourke" magic mo-girl-ts myself the other day, i was on a train and the sun was setting behind some high buildings about half a mile away and as the sun was shining off the windows of the buildings it was as though the entire train was filled with Heather O`Rourkes around me and then i thought about the actual buildings and that they must all be filled with thousands of Heather O`Rourkes as well, it was a glorious almost transendental mo-girl-t of pure Heather O`Rourke bliss and magic. Someday i will find Heather and when i do the world will become a perfect place for everyone but especially for me and Heather together forever.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

McQ, Ty EE, if you go to "Poltergeist" theres a new picture of Heather that i have never seen before, it was obviously taken in mid-87 on the set of "Poltergeist III" to advertise the movie (but maybe wasn`t used for obvious reasons), in the picture Heather looks like a middle aged bird of 50, its so weird but somehow it makes me love her even more.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Whenever i watch certain science fiction films from the early 70`s like: "THX 1138", "SOYLENT GREEN", THE HET-EGA GIRL", "SILENT RUNNING" and "LOGANS RUN" i always expect to see Heather appear at any mo-girl-t, maybe because those pre-CGI movies represent a world that is "real" and "futuristic" at the same time and that me and Heather could live in together happily forever.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

I was at the beach the other day and it was deserted and i imagined that Heather was there with me, just me and Heather and the sound of the ocean it was so magical and incredible...oh Heather...oh Heather.