Nov 15, 2007

Tribute to Jean Reno

Jean Reno killed Godzilla. With those four words, I begin my quest in bringing his character to notice. Jean Reno in short terms is a bad motherfucker. A lot of people criticize how he plays stereotypical roles in all his films. No matter what role he is, playing French detectives or the key bad ass, he always delivers quality entertainment and personality to every character. Whether it is in such garbage film like The Pink Panther or Godzilla, Jean Reno never lets fans down.

My love for this Moroccan native first came when I saw The Professional when I had matured. I had seen this movie as a child and forgotten about the visual excitement and tragedy it brought. When re-watching it, I realized how great this film was. I then sought after the Extended cut entitled Leon, which is two separate movies in my opinion. After that I rented Wasabi and was blown away with his ability to make every movie an instant classic. Without Jean Reno, all these movies would be mediocre at best. Not only is he a towering monolith of testosterone, he encompasses all the culture of the French without being it himself but he also out shines Sean Connery in the category of attractive unshaven elderly men by standards of modern women.

Jean Reno's extensive library of acting roles places him from outlandish scripts to video game likenesses. His talent has been exploited in the most fruitful of ways. Bringing light to his films is the greatest thing you could do for a friend. Hallmark should buy out the Jean Reno image to use as product placement. In an alternate universe, I can see people buying loved ones Jean Reno bobbleheads and other various merchandise. A man once told me I was a faggot for admiring a male. I sent him a link to the Wasabi trailer and he shut up quick.

Most people are either a Beatles or Elvis fan. Jean Reno is an Elvis man and because of that, so am I. His strangest role by far was in Luc Besson’s first directorial effort dubbed Le Dernier Combat. In this role he played “The Brute”, a man wandering a wasteland of mute people in search of the protagonist. This "dude" wasn’t in a film called The Moroccan Stallion for nothing. In closing remarks, all anybody needs to know is that if you see Jean Reno pasted anywhere, that shit is a gold mine and popcorn flick to boot.


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