Nov 29, 2007

Sodoma's Ghost

Sodoma's Ghost or The Ghosts of Sodom is a rare Fulci film made in 1988 that has done nothing but collect dust. The story opens up inside a villa that was under Nazi power located in the middle of France. There were several Nazi's snorting cocaine and were involved in an orgy. Willie, played by Robert Egon, was walking around the room filming it going on. A drunken officer was playing pool with a passed out woman on the table. You can only imagine how that one goes. Right as he hits the middle pocket, we see stock footage of an air raid and with that whim, the building is destroyed.

We then cut to 5 college students studying in France. After getting lost, they wind up at the Villa. After coming to the conclusion that it is isolated, they go around back and find a key under a conviently placed door mat. Upon entering, they view a vividly red chamber with a fireplace, exquisite paintings, and a wine cellar that would make a grown man cry. They party it up then head to bed. At this time, one of the women has a dream that Willy appeared to them and seduced her in a masochistic manner.

They wake up and attempt to leave, but no matter where they turn, they always end up back at the villa and because he has no lights, they cannot drive at night. They recede back into the villa only to find they are locked in and normal windows are unbreakable. They begin to start envisioning the ghosts of Nazi soldiers and whores one by one. Lucio Fulci is considered worldwide to be "The Godfather of Gore". With such a boasting title, he doesn't dissapoint in this film. There is a rather violent scene in which a body melts and the rib cage begins to violently extrude.

Robert Egon plays a wonderful role in this film and balances all elements of the film. He plays the pretty boy Nazi with sparkling eyes and blonde hair. He appears to be the ringleader ghost. Not only featuring a little bit of gore and bad acting, We are treated to a very tense and well set up Russian Roulette scene involving Willy and one of the students. For being a Fulci film, it deserves some credit. Several characters make scenes of this become hilarious. Meanwhile, the film does a impeccable job at drawing you in. It also features a lot of that esteemed nudity and a scene of lesbianism.

You can actually feel Fulci behind the camera of this one. So far, I have only seen an all region version of this on I would say it was worth the price to pay. The only thing anybody should really have anything to complain about is the lack of gore and the ending. It is one of those endings that is extremely hokey and no one really wants to talk about. Sometimes i find myself denying that film even had an ending. An overall decent Fulci movie that exploits the natures of Nazi's and the skin of women.


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Soiled Sinema said...

I would love to snort a couple lines with Josef Goebbels. It sounds like this film confirms Fulci's greatness.