Nov 27, 2007

The Redsin Tower

"Butchery and carnage will reign upon the holy"

I do not remember their being anyone considered "Holy" in this film. The newest film from TOETAG Pictures, creators of such nasties as August Underground and August Underground Mordum, is the mother of all over hyped cinema. This film started screening about a year ago in horror conventions around the globe. Many reviews brought back amazing results, one even going as far as to say it "re-invents the slasher genre".

You can imagine the average consumer being throttled for this film, but all hopes were shattered when the DVD release date was delayed in hopes of finding a company to release this film on DVD. Fans waited and waited and finally, they just released it themselves. I pre-ordered my copy without a second glance. The film has a simple and... familiar plot.

Mitch loves Kim. Kim loves Mitch. Kim wants more. Kim breaks up with Mitch. Mitch is pissed. He wants revenge. Kim wants drugs and alchohol and cheap sex. Mitch wants vengeance. Kim wants to party at a sleazy tower with all her "gothic" friends. Madness ensues. Now the acting, is a very mixed bag. We got Mitch, played by Perry Tiberio, who in all aspects is and can be a great actor. He needs some work on his sniffling though. Then we have Kim, who i am going to be a nice guy and say that her acting is horrid.

I cannot imagine anyone thinking the acting in this film is better than any of the other Vogel productions. The stoner guy was a good actor too. The cast seems very cliched and annoying. I dont view any of these characters as real people. We got the stud football jock, a Fat Joe look alike, Gothic sex fiend, and the stoner and company. I only sympathized for maybe 3 characters out of the entire running time.

One cool thing about this film though, is how they managed to mix a slasher film with supernatural climaxes. You never really know who to trust or who will get out in the end. The gore, which TOETAG is so famous for, is hardly there. We got a face slashed, maggot afterbirth, intestines, and etc. It looks good, but it could have used higher quantity.

Another thing that got me was how the film is titled "THE REDSIN TOWER" but there is only 1 floor. One floor that houses a flying lizard plant which reminded me of Full Moon pictures bad attempts at animatronics. The lighting in this film varies from too dark to see anything, but it is a tower, and really beautiful shots involving lots of cunning uses of shadows.

"The future of horror is BRIGHT FUCKING RED"

If they make any more films like this, it seems the future of horror is pretty fucking bland. Overall, this movie is just another notch in my mind of movies i have seen. Nothing too special, and it has all been seen before. All this coming from a TOETAG Pictures fan.

On a brighter note, i did get a really cool patch with the DVD.


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Soiled Sinema said...

I wish I could still get it with the free patch. :(