Nov 22, 2007

Naked Blood

I dont take much heart in exploitation films. I frequently enjoy the fruitful violence and depravity they offer, especially in a world so quick to judge, but the same formula is applied over and over again. Blood this. Sex that. It's overused in all sense of the word. Hisayasu Sato's film Naked Blood is a CAT III exploitation movie with some intelligence. Eiji is the only son of a widowed mother who is also a scientist. His father was lost at sea and never found.

Eiji is an aspiring scientist who just invented a new pain killer dubbed "My son". It's the recipe for eternal happiness, turning pain into pleasure (As demonstrated in Flowers of Flesh & Blood). Before his mother runs tests on 3 women, Eiji sneaks My son in with the drug his mother and intends on viewing them to watch for side effects. He runs into trouble when the women start mutilating themselves creating ecstasy out of delectable tortures.

The film itself travels through many genres and features many noticeable scenes. One being a sex scene the seems like it inspired some of Demolition Man or Tsukamoto's A Snake Of June. The most surprising element is the character development. Eiji's mother watches old reels of his father and through some interesting flashbacks, we witness the problem at its core. Sato filmed his vision of the transgression of pain and ecstasy deliriously creating an intelligent, yet nihilistic masterpiece.

Many bizarre situations accompany the scenes in this film. Rika suffers from an extreme case of insomnia and because of this and probably also due to some freakish accident with the scribes personal life, she has hyper sensitive hearing and can hear the plants talking. Her philosophy is that cactuses are always sleeping and for that, she shares an intimate bond with a cactus. Since she cannot sleep, she sits in a chair with a VR headset connected to the cactus which relaxes her into dreamlike situations.

The film is a gore extravaganza. Nipples are cutten off and consumed. Vagina's sawn off and eaten. Arteries slashed, gruesome piercings, and even the entrails exposed. This Japanese film has enough blood to please most gorehounds. This is a very solid psychological film with many disturbing scenes, a wicked twist ending, and frequent bloodshed. A great film that should be seen eventually although it does suffer from the casual imperfection.


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Anonymous said...

I've definitely strayed away from overly gorey cat3 films within the last year or so. After a while it seems like you've just seen it all, ya know? I always thought this was an exceptional one though.

A fun story, and although very graphic, I always felt like the scenes linger just long enough to make you genuinely cringe, even if the effects aren't perfect. great movie.