Nov 27, 2007

Gayniggers From Outer Space

Created by internet trolling group GNAA, this film is the first of its kind. A homosexual romp which greatly resembles any old science fiction film. It is a shitty, monotonous, misogynist film displaying the exploits of Gay Crusaders filmed in glorious Black & White with a running time of a horribly paced 24 minutes.

The storyline involves Captain B. Dick and his crew with such names as "THE GAY AMBASSADOR" and "SGT. SHAVED BALLS". They recently found out there are disgusting "FEMALES" on our wonderful planet and vow to free us men from the "FEMALES". Their computer copiously produces spelling inaccuracies which brings up the question if Gayniggers can spell at all.

When they find women in various countries, the master computer which talks in a Speak-N-Spell mannerism, gives them information on said country with racial themes attached. They travel to China, in which the women speak in a wonderfully racist dialect formed with "ching chong ching kings" and such. When they laser the women away, the man hugs the GAYNIGGER and looks so happy.

The Chinese man's voice is obviously someone speaking into a recorder than played backwards. Along the way, married men turn instantly homosexual and blow kisses. The soundtrack is composed of the all-to-familiar funk/blaxploitation theme. It seems to steal most of its cues from Isaac Haye's work on Shaft. I don't think i can ever see a Negro with a Mohawk and not laugh again.

The set design is just all aluminum foil. It's quite interesting due to all the reflections and the light tricks it plays. At the end of this film, when all women have been assimilated, you seem a collage of men in a pool deep-throating banana's and singing about being homosexual is the way to go. A bit of queer propaganda has never hurt anyone. The only thing i can really say about this film is it is funny, but for all the wrong reasons.



Anonymous said...

GNAA didn't make this film.

jervaise brooke hamster said...