Nov 18, 2007

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, Her Lover

I present to you a film with numerous bans and cuts, heavily censored around the world. Peter Greenaway directed the lush film which is indeed a "Black Comedy". The plot revolves around a restaurant named Le Hollandais which lays home to a bizarre kitchen crew. The co-owner is a despicable man named Albert who is married to a woman named Georgie. Throughout the film we realize that she is regularly abused as well as demeaned in publc. She is afraid of him, and for the fact, everyone else is too. This situation sets the story up real nice and rarely gets boring.

One thing that makes this film click so well within our heads is the set pieces. The slums outside of the restaurant are boorish and breathe life in this offbeat film. When this film was released it garnered an "X" Rating only to be later cut to "NC-17".

The stories Albert exchanges nearly challenge the perversion of The Marquis De Sade. Alberts character is loathsome. Michael Gambon did a wonderful job and so did his weird sidekick Tim Roth. Upon viewing this film, the costumes strike your eyes and speak their own story, but the real magic happens once you enter the kitchen. A bearded strong man, a falsetto churning young lad, and the head cook Richard are just the fore-runners to such a surreal cast. The score is composed by Michael Nyman and pumps the moods up and presents each individual intense moment with Brass and Percussion. The dialogue is brash and immersive and the humor is razor sharp.

The director uses the color red so vividly just as in his other masterpiece "The Baby Of Mâcon". In a short summary, this film is a taboo-shattering theatrical masterpiece with Cannablism, Necrophila, Human Waste Consumption, and Fork Stabs to please even the most jaded cinema go-er. A tragic Love story at heart, this film could be considered Georges Batailles's Romeo & Juliet. A four-star dessert.



Greg Baty said...

I've wanted to see this for a while. Sounds like I would love it.

Soiled Sinema said...

Most definitely.

peregrine fforbes-hamilton said...

Peter Greenaway is a pretentious fart (and british scum), the only reason i used to watch his films was the hope that at some point in the proceedings some naked little girls would appear.

Anonymous said...

Peter Greenaway the best inde director the UK has given us. The man is a hero. Love him and everything that comes out of his head. I particularly enjoy his different tradition on nudity and cinematography. We also have Gambon there and Nyman's soundtrack. What a treat!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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